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Active Rehab Therapy

Harmony Physiotherapy in Coquitlam aims at providing body well-being to all its patients. Be it anything related to the muscles and bones of a patient, our experts at Harmony Physiotherapy can heal it with the techniques that are medically approved worldwide. One of our effective treatments includes active rehabilitation therapy.

Active rehabilitation at our clinic aims at optimizing body functioning and physical health to help the patient in integrating the daily optimum lifestyle. Rehabilitation focuses on improving physical deficiency and movement restrictions. Rehabilitation therapies used for recuperation from an injury or to heal any long-term physical condition.

Our therapists have a broad knowledge of neurology, orthopedic and other conditions.

Rehabilitation techniques that our therapist follow aim at healing all types of pain and patient’s body. Our prepared physiotherapists and recovery therapists’ outline are one of a kind system for recovery, well-being and health to fit patient’s individual needs.


Active Rehab Therapy

At Harmony Physiotherapy clinic we also help ICBC injury patients towards their recovery from a motor vehicle accident. Every patient gets assessed by our physiotherapists and a precise exercise program is designed and tailored to their individual needs.

Rehab is done in our clinic in one to one session with the therapist. And patients are monitored towards their full recovery.


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