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Manual physiotherapy

Is a hands-on skill performed by a physiotherapist to treat musculoskeletal pain and improve range of motion. It includes massage, soft tissue release, joint mobilization, trigger point release, nerve mobilization and manipulation which is the small amplitude, high speed movement.

Here at, Harmony Physiotherapy in Coquitlam, we perform manual therapy on our patients as and when their body requires it. This treatment can be used on patients who feel any kind of a pain in their body. The pain could be caused by over stress, exhaustion, athletic movements, or severe injuries. Manual Therapy can diminish pain in a matter of few sessions.

Manual physiotherapy

The professionals at Harmony Physiotherapy have qualifications from respected universities and are fully certified in the various therapies that we have to offer. These therapists are masters in their field of work to provide you with a healing session that will work wonders for your body.

We offer customized treatment sessions according to our clients’ needs and we are more than happy to offer tailor made treatments for you as well. So, if you have any type of pain clicking in your body, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Manual Physiotherapy Coquitlam