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Electrotherapy treatment

Harmony Physiotherapy is located in Coquitlam and provides you with services that help in healing your body in different ways as body requirements. One of the best in our widespread services is our Electrotherapy treatment which helps in promoting physical wellbeing and heals deficiencies. The main objective of Electrotherapy treatment is to make your body function well and heal in time.

Electrotherapy is use of some electric modalities like muscle stimulators, ultrasound and laser to promote healing.

Harmony physiotherapy uses advanced form of modalities to help you getting back to your normal life. Every patient is given an all around assessment to tailor the treatment according to their individual needs. Progression is reliably checked and evaluated to yield the most compelling recovery regularly. Harmony Physiotherapy is outfitting Physical Therapy with varieties of new, advanced and first class type of technologies.

Electrotherapy Treatment

We take care of your pain in the best way possible and make you feel great at all the therapies we provide

Electrotherapy Coquitlam