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Custom orthotics

What is a custom orthotic?

An orthotic is a device that aligns the feet and ankles in the most anatomically effective and efficient position. These biomechanical appliances are custom made to correct an individual’s foot imbalance. The mechanical properties of orthotics position the bones of feet, ankles and knees in correct order. Orthotics keep the muscles and ligaments of hips that hold the leg bones in place and prevents them from stretching and causing damage over time.

Custom orthotics
Custom orthotics

Custom foot orthotics promote efficient muscle performance and reduce muscular fatigue. It is a blessing for sportsmen as they increase endurance, strength and performance during running. Overweight individuals also benefit a lot from orthotics as they reduce the stress from feet and ligaments caused by extra weight.

People who walk or stand on hard surfaces for a considerable amount of time, people involved in high impact sports, people with previous foot injuries or joint pains benefit immensely from custom orthotics. Let us discuss in detail who all can benefit from foot orthotics:

People suffering from foot pain: In most cases, orthotics help reduce the pain of previous injuries. In some cases, they also correct the foot conditions.People suffering from knee and back pain: If you are a victim of severe pain in knees, hips and lower back then orthotics are for you. Your pain may be a result of unbalanced feet function or feet mechanics. In such conditions, orthotics can be a lifesaver.

Diabetic people: Diabetes can sometimes result in nerve damage of the feet. Nerve damage of feet can lead to sensation loss that leaves a patient unable to feel pain, heat or cold. This condition causes stress and strain on various other parts of the body as well. Orthotics can efficiently reduce this strain.

Athletes: As mentioned earlier, orthotics are a blessing for runners and athletes. Orthotics keep the feet perfectly aligned and allow muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments to function at their 100% capacity. They also relieve pain and enhances endurance and efficiency.

Arthritic people:Arthritis affects the joints of the body without mercy and needless to say, it is a very painful condition. Orthotics can help patients of arthritis to retain and enhance mobility.


Custom Orthotics Coquitlam

At Harmony, we provide custom orthotics for all these conditions and help you in making your life painless and better. So, if you are a victim of any feet related pain or if you are a professional athlete who wants to excel in life and avoid foot injuries, book your appointment at Harmony and let the experts provide you with state of the art custom orthotics.